Whose In Charge Here…



June 18, 2017

Stetson Memorial UMC

Father’s Day!

Sermon Series:

“Mending Fences-Healing the Heart…”

“Healing Power”

Adapted from Marcia McPhee’

“On the Mend” Sermon Series

Psalm 100

Mark 10:35-45 MSG

Mark 9:30; 10:13-16; 20:16



“Who’s In Charge Here Anyway…!”


The Lord be with you

And also with you

Let us pray (Prayer that God’s Word is heard through me or in-spite of me)


Please stand for the Gospel according to Mark, chapter 10, verses 35-45 Listen to the word of God from His love letter to His beloved, you and I…


(Read Scripture from the MSG Bible)


Hope was a little nervous about seeing her friends but there was something about nurse Faith that gave her a sense of ease. She knew that this was going to be hard…letting go the rock, but it was something she needed to do. She didn’t realize how much she was going to need this new found thought pattern. But it was going to be a turning point in her life that she never expected.


When she entered the room, she was shocked to see her friend Grace. She was all hooked up to tubes and the sound of the heart monitor shook her to her core. “How could this have happened? I was only trying to introduce Grace and Joy to my friends so that they could see that they were nice, just like me. Why God are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to deserve this? I only wanted friends and now you have taken that away from me too…” Hope thought. As if she could read Hope’s mind, nurse Faith put her arm around Hope and said “it looks worse than it really is. She is going to be OK. It is just going to take some time for her to heal.” With these words, Hope relaxed a little. She knew her friend was going to be ok.


“What do you want” Joy asked as she sat by graces bed side. “I just wanted to check to see how Grace was doing and to apologize again for what happened at the river front. I had no idea any of this was going to happen. I am so happy to have people care about me. And of course, I messed it all up. I hope you will forgive me one day.” Hope said through tear filled eyes. “We will see about that…maybe in time” Joy said. “I told you not to say that. We talked about what God would want us to do. And if I can forgive about what happened, so should you. Besides, I really don’t think she brought us there to hurt us…she too was in danger.” Grace said from her bed.


Hope almost fell to the floor when she heard Grace’s voice and what she had to say about forgiveness. “I am so sorry Grace. I will never forgive myself for this” Hope said. “Now hope…as I said to Joy…if I can forgive what has happened…” Grace said, “and another thing. Next time when someone tells you a situation looks bad…listen to them please…” Grace laughed.


“Ok…I think that is enough excitement for one day. Grace needs to get some rest. She has a long road to travel but with friends like you, it will be made easier” Faith said to the girls. “Ok…well I will see you tomorrow” Joy said to her friend “Me too” said Hope.


As the two girls left the room and walked down the hall together, Hope said to Joy, “How can she do that? How can she forgive and move on? I would never talk to me again if I was in her shoes.” “That’s why she is named Grace. She is the most Christ-like person I know. She showers people with the grace of Jesus even when they don’t deserve it. Just like we aren’t worthy of Jesus’ grace…we are offered it anyway because of His love. It is out of that same love that Grace can do what she does so well…let go and let God be the ruler and King of her life…to give God all the power that is due Him” Joy explained.” “wow…now that’s something I would love to be able to do.” Hope exclaimed. “So, would I” Joy agreed, “so would I. Hey…let’s go somewhere where we can talk.” “Yah…I think we really need to do that” Hope said “I think Grace would like that too…”


Good morning. Happy Father’s Day. We celebrate the fathers and like-fathers in our lives as we celebrate their ministry of parenthood within our lives. And yes…Parenthood is a ministry…not for the faint at heart…

For weeks now we have been talking about what ails us. We have had a lot of good conversation over our ailments as we have been interactive with one another during our sermon time…so, I need audience participation. In the story that I just shared with you, what stands out for you? Give time for answers. What stands out for me is


I truly believe that we as Christ church…followers of the Way…need to have conversation of what ails us. What is hurting inside of us. What hold us back from living the life, individually and collective, that we are offered through Jesus. We need to heal what ails us to be the relevant Christians. We need to let go and let God as we move forward as God’s people and take back our streets…the places where we are called to share the Gospel of Grace, Hope, Joy, and Faith. Without healing, what ails us we can’t call ourselves Christ followers because we can’t follow His example in the world. We want to be those Resurrected people. We can spend the tomb with our comfortable “death cloths” …not leaving those things behind that bind us… But we need to put on the robe of righteousness that we receive in and through Christ.


Today I want us to continue to talk about some of the things that ail us…that stop us from living that life in Christ, as we mend fences and heal the heart. Now, there may be no fences that need mending but we are all broken. What in us needs mending? My hope is that we will have that conversation that will lead to healing. Conversation is hard but it is vital if we want to be that vital congregation for Christ.


We have talked about intentions and the fact that, whether we like it or not, there are times when our intentions may be not so helpful. We talked about those times that our inhibitions keep us from being open to others. How there are many things that cause us to be closed off to the very ones that Jesus came to save…including ourselves.


Fear is one of the biggest things that keeps us from being who God would have us be. Fear immobilizes us and keeps us stuck in the mud…unable to move forward for Christ and the Good News. fear of the future, fear of finances, fear of those who may come through this door…Maybe even the fear of Hope as she is walking through our door…


There is also the sickness of “pride”. Pride can cause us to do a lot of crazy things… Now being proud is not really a bad thing…we should take pride in what we do. But there are times when our pride gets in the way of being that loving community that the “Hope’s” of the world need.


I think the most vicious and viral disease in and to the body of Christ is the disease of division. As we work together…and not just give up and leave…the most important thing to remember is we need to take our division to the Way Maker, our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, He will stand in gap for us as we work our way back to unity. As we bring our hurts and ailments to the Balm of Gilead, we are healed from the inside out.


Another thing that ails us as people and as a church is Miss-Trust. Lady Ms. Trust loves to come in and stir up a whole lot of nothing and sit back as we begin to come unglued together because we are suspicious and untrusting each other. And there are still others that are “holdouts”… holding on to things that should be released to God. They keep pushing the bolder up the hill and not letting the Creator of all make rubble out of it…


What about those who like to be in power…the ones who have a need to control? How many of you have been in a power struggle? How did that make you feel? Give time to answer. Did that struggle get you anywhere? Give time to answer. You know this whole power struggle thing, has always been in play. In the Garden of Eden…Adam and Eve felt that they wanted to be like God and the snake made Eve think that God was holding out on her. She wanted the power…to be like God. I imagine it was the same for Adam because he ate too… So…do you think there is a problem with power within Christ’s church? Give time to answer. What about our own little corner of the world…right here within our own walls? Give time to answer.


From the Mark scripture this morning, we hear how the disciples are continuing that road of not understanding. They still weren’t getting it. They had that whole power struggle thing right down to a science. They had heard what Jesus told the rich young ruler from Mark 10:17-22…to get rid of his wealth and follow Him. But this ruler had a lot of possessions and of course power probably came with that and he refused to give up the powerJesus was telling him to give it up and give Him the power. Nope couldn’t do it…To follow Jesus we must give up the power to Him…to be His hands and feet, we must give up our own in place of His… These men…these disciples of Christ…were complaining that others, who were not part of them…part of their power group, were casting out demons in Jesus’ name. Remember Mark 9:38 “John spoke up, “Teacher, we saw a man using your name to expel demons and we stopped him because he wasn’t in our group.” Pride rear’s it’s ugly head here as well. We are proud and we have the power…


Within this scripture from Mark 10:35-45, we hear about what Jesus says what real power looks like.

“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. Whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave. That is what the Son of Man has done: He came to serve, not to be served—and then to give away his life in exchange for many who are held hostage.”


Jesus came to set the hostage free…not to Lord it over them…as He could have. He put on the stance of a servant in order to show humanity a more excellent way of life. It is this stance He is calling us to adopt as our own…not power our way into and for what we want but being humble as He was…thinking of others above ourselves and power as not something we want to ascertain for ourselves but to empower others in and through the Gospel of grace. Mark 10:13-16 tells us that we are to come with the trust and humility of a child in order to gain the Kingdom of God…


Beloved children of the Most High God. Jesus is calling us out of our tombs and in to His Glorious Light and be healed of our ailments. What is ailing us…as a church…as individuals…as one body? How can we be on the mend, of fences and our hearts? I know that there are things we just don’t want to talk about…there are things that we just don’t want to hear. But we cannot/will not let fear stop us from healing what ails us, personally and collectively.


So, who really is in charge here? Are we taking matters into our own hands, our own strength? Or is there a power far above us that we cling too? We live in a world where power and prestige are at the top of the list for living a “perfect life”. If you don’t have it you are weak. On the road to Damascus, the Apostille Paul had a “come to Jesus” meeting. He was had power and prestige as Saul. But in his encounter, he realized that it is when he was weak…he was stronger than he had ever been…his eyes were open to this truth. Are we ready…are you and I ready…to have our eyes and hearts open to the real power that is offered to us in and through Jesus Christ? Or will we grab all the power we think we can to live a life of leisure? The choice is ours to make.


Think about the Hope’s of this world. Would we over power her with our own strength or over power her with kindness, love and servitude? I ask that we prayerfully come together…as family…to heal what ails us. I passionately want us to be that church that Hope would hear about the goodness of God and feel the oneness of our church as we work through our faith journey together trusting in the One who knows us best.


Maybe…just maybe…Hope will come through our doors. What will she find here?







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