Prayer 12/15/17

Infinite, Loving, Eternal, Holy, Awesome, Renewing, Recreating, Living, Righteous, Life Giving, Lover of my soul, the very Breathe of Life, thank You for another awesomely, beautiful day dawning on the horizon.

As we stand on the precipice of today, give me the courage to step through its gates for Your strength is what I need. As we sojourn together today, illuminate the way so that I will follow Your path and not stray to the left or to the right.

Give me laser like focus on You as I traverse the waters of this world. Help me to find the way that leads directly to Your heart. Speak Words of peace, of hope, of grace, of love into my very soul as I live abandoned to You and Your purposes in my life and within my calling.

Lead on God of Angel Armies, Your handmaiden is ready to follow where the road leads, trusting only in my Lord…my God…my Savior.

AMEN…Amen…and amen..


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